Pediatric Services

As parents, we want to get our children off to a good start. Dental care is a life long need and we must start our kids early. Proper oral dental care is a daily must. We start seeing children routinely at age 3 years old. However, if the child younger than 3 years old needs an evaluation due to the concern of the parent, they are welcome to make an appointment for an examination. Teeth need to be brushes as soon as they erupt in the mouth. Brushing at least twice per day after meals is a good sound habit and will pay forward in dental and gum health. Periodontal disease is an infection passed on from parents, therefore, it is so important to make sure that oral care is a daily habit so if the bacteria is transferred it does not have time to infect the gums.

Our pediatric services include: cleanings, sealants, orthodontic evaluations, habit evaluation, oral hygiene instruction, sports guards, and Invisalign teeth teeth straightening.